The British in Italy group was formed following the Brexit referendum by a small number of concerned British citizens living in Italy, to campaign to protect our existing rights as EU citizens and those of EU citizens resident in the UK.

We are members of British in Europe, the coalition of UK groups in Europe, which represents over 26,000 UK citizens living in the EU.

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British in Italy

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The British in Europe reaction to the EU Negotiating Guidelines

When the EU Council published its detailed negotiating position on Brexit, British in Europe submitted, jointly with the3million (who represent EU citizens in the UK), a written response. In it we broadly welcome the EU position but regret their insistence that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” ……..

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Our actions so far – May 2017

To date, either alone or through the British in Europe coalition, we have:

  • Given evidence to the House of Commons Committee for Exiting the European Union (Gareth Horsfall, financial adviser in Rome represented us)
  • Presented an Alternative White Paper laying out our demands
  • Lobbied members of the Camera dei Deputati in Rome who were very interested in our case and hoped to form a committee, or commission an existing one, to study the problems of Brexit in general and ours in particular. Since then the committee has begun its audizioni and we have been promised that we will be called to give evidence soon.
  • The day before the triggering of Article 50, met with Michel Barnier, the Chief EU negotiator, and his technical team in Brussels, to discuss our claims.
  • Held discussions in London with the Deputy Director of the Department for Exiting the EU, who has responsibiity for issues concerning individuals who have moved across the Channel. We met with him, and a Junior Minister of the Department, again in Madrid.
  • Put forward an amendment to the Brexit Bill in the House of Lords and lobbied vigorously with other groups to get it passed. We did not succeed in getting our particular amendment passed, but the collective lobbying of EU and UK citizens on both sides of the Channel did result in the Lords passing an amendment to protect the rights of those who have moved to the UK
  • Put our case and outlined our activities to officials in the British Embassy in Rome – on the assumption that this will eventually reach the government in London which, contrary to its claims, has made little effort to find out who British living in the EU actually are and learn their problems
  • Organised a large British contingent to the march in Rome which took place in March this year (see What’s New for more information)
  • Addressed a meeting called by Antonio Taiani, the new Italian President of the European Parliament, at which he promised the Parliament’s strong support for preserving our rights.

Join us

If you are a British citizen living, working or studying in Italy, even on a part time basis, you can help us lobby on your behalf by becoming a member of British in Italy. It will cost you nothing and commits you to nothing.

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