On the 2nd March 2017 we met with the British Embassy in Rome.

Unfortunately there is a lot less to say about the meeting with the British Embassy in Rome. As you would expect they have to toe the line about BREXIT as representatives of Britain in Europe. However, there were genuine concerns and a desire to keep in touch with the British in Italy group.

Our meeting was arranged by Steve Cook who is counsellor for Europe and Ken O’Flaherty Deputy Head of Mission, Italy

During our discussion we presented many of the concerns of UK Nationals living in Europe and also the aims of the British in Italy group to fight to retain our acquired rights as EU citizens

One piece of interesting information that came from the meeting was that Ken O’Flaherty has recently had a meeting with the UK Consulate in London and informed us that the right to maintain healthcare was at the top of the list as far as initial negotiations were concerned. In his words, ‘by a long way’.

Secondary to that seemed to be the right to work and mutual recognition of qualifications.

Whilst we felt the meeting with the British Embassy went well and we established a line of communication, we don’t see that they will be able to advance our aims and objectives in a wholly collaborative way given that they must be shown to represent and respect the BREXIT decision.

We will keep you updated as and when we have more information