You may have seen the responses that we, British in Italy, received from the UK Consular section in Rome concerning issues about all of our healthcare cover after Brexit Day.
We sought further clarification from the Embassy in a telephone call and pending further communications from them, we understand the position to be that you, as UKinItaly, ie a UK national resident in Italy, do not need to take any specific steps to safeguard your healthcare at this stage (other than to register as resident and with the ASL if you have not already done so). We will put out on all our social media channels further information as soon as we receive it.


1. no UKinItaly need go to the expense of private health insurance at this stage (unless they personally want to do so irrespective of Brexit),
2. no UKinItaly need go to the expense of registering with their local ASL for the voluntary fee scheme (the annual fee being on a sliding scale starting at 7.5% of gross income up to €20,000) at this stage, ie before Brexit Day,
3. anyone who wishes to approach their local ASL for information is of course, free to do so, but they are not likely to be given accurate or informed advice due to the fact that the Italian government has not yet issued any information or guidance to the health authorities on the healthcare situation of the majority of categories of UKinItaly.
As far as we are aware, those who currently access the SSN free of charge because they are working and paying contributions will continue to do so, as will their family members.
We will keep you informed as and when we have more information.