As you will know, if you have seen our last communications,  the next EU Council Meeting is being held on 14-15 December and the decision will be taken as to whether sufficient progress has been made in Phase 1 of the UK/EU negotiations in order to move to Phase 2 (Trade).   Phase 1 includes Ireland, the financial settlement and of course ‘our’ citizens rights.   British in Italy is clear that as things stand there is still a long way to go before our rights will be fully protected.   Although the jury’s out on whether the European Commission will recommend a ‘sufficient progress’ decision, this ‘could’ happen if there are last minute concessions on Ireland and the financial stellement and we fear that there is a risk of a political ‘stitch-up’, where progress falls well short of protecting our rights, but is certified by the EU to be ‘sufficient’, just so that both sides can move on to discussing trade.
We need to recruit MEP’s in Italy as our allies, which means we need to help them to understand what is at stake and the very real risk we face of losing rights that are essential to our ability to ‘live our lives as before’.  We also need to communciate with our respective MEP’s for our region of the UK.
We are doing this by means of an email lobby, the objective being to fill MEP’s inboxes with emails from concerned citizens.  The email lists are short possibly and we estimate that it should take about half an hour of your time. It could be a significant half an hour so we ask you to please send the letters to your full list.
To participate, all you need to do is download one of the following letters in either Italian or English (depending on whether you are contacting Italian or UK MEP’s).  Copy and paste the text of the letter into the body of an email (amend the letter where indicated in brackets depending on whether you are addressing a female or male), then add the necessary email address and click send.  **Please esnure that you add your address to the letter as many MEP’s (UK one in particular) will not reply unless they know you are one of their constituents, or a previous one).***
Get the names of your respective MEP from the following list  HERE
To help you understand the area to which you belong in Italy, and therefore which MEP’s to contact, here is a list of regions and zones:
Abruzzo / Basiilicata / Campagna / Puglia / Calabria / Molise / Puglia = Meridionale
Sardinia and Siciliy = Insulare
Lazio/Toscana/Umbira and Marche = Centrale
Liguria / Lombardia / Piemonte / Valle d’Aosta = Nord Occidentale
Emilia Romagna /Friuli – Venezia Giulia/ Trentino Alta Adige / Veneto = Nord Orientale
Its as simple as that.
The only other things we would ask are if you get any responses from any MEP’s then please engage them but also notify the following email that you have been contacted back and by whom.
If you have any difficulties with anything you can contact one of our regional co-ordinators who might be able to help. They are
Anne Parry                            Veneto area
Anne and Brian Stubley             Monza / Milan area
Cherry Caldato                              Rome area
Denise Abel                        South East Umbria /Marche/Abruzzo area
Jenny Trevor                             Umbria area
Kirsten Hills                                 Firenze
Rebecca Hill                     Lazio basso area
Sarah Ellis                        Torino and North West Italy.
Tania Caldato Hayes  .                       Northern Lakes area, Mantova,
Carolyn Slater                    Lucca and Tuscany
Good luck and lets hope it will make a difference in the December European Parliament vote.