Deal or no deal Brexit could mean that in the long-term UK citizens lose their right to aggregation of pension contributions across different EU states.

If you are a UK citizen living in Italy and have made national insurance contributions in the UK, for any period of work, then we would recommend that you take a record of those contributions PRE Brexit.   If you have worked and accumulated state pension benefits in another EU state then we would also advise that you do the same in that country.

There is currently no plan in place to ensure continued aggregation of pension contributions for the long term post Brexit.  Future agreements could be bi-lateral agreements between the UK and single EU states and so it will be important to have a record of the contributions you have made PRE Brexit, in the case that you would be requested to provide that evidence, now or in the future, to the Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (INPS).

The procedure is simple.   Visit the the ‘Check your state pension’ section of the UK.Gov website:

You will need to set up a Government Gateway account.  Have your passport and national insurance number at hand.   Once you have completed the process you should reach a screen telling you how many years you have contributed and what state pension you would be eligible for and at which age.   Print that page and retain a record.  It could come in useful in the future.