The EU elections will be held in Italy on 26 May and this is a crucial moment for us all.  Every day there are meetings being held in your towns around Italy with candidates who would like your votes as MEPs.  This is a wonderful opportunity to make our voices heard.  So this is what you need to do.
1) Find out where the candidates in your area will be holding meetings and go along to as many as possible.  It doesn’t matter which parties they are from.  All MEP candidates will be sensitive to the request to support Italian citizens in the UK in the case of No Deal.
2) Download the Pledge (2 pages) and take along copies for each of the candidates. You can download it by clicking on ‘The Pledge’ image below:

3) Contact an organiser before the meeting and explain that you have an important question to ask re citizens’ rights at the end of the meeting or if if it is not possible to ask the candidates during the public meeting, try to catch them at the beginning or end of the meeting.

4) Explain that we are 5 million representing the 3.5 million European citizens in the UK and 1.5 million Brits in Europe, and in the case of No Deal we risk losing all our rights to live, work, have health care etc.  See our webpage article for details by clicking HERE
5) Ask the candidates to hold the pledge (page with yellow background) and and take a photo of them.  If they refuse to do it on the spot ask them to take a selfie later and to tweet it on Twitter with the handles and hashtags on the pledge.
6) Send the photo to and tweet it yourself if you are on Twitter.  Post it on Facebook etc
This could be our last chance to fight for our rights, it’s really important so please get out there and let’s see who can get the most candidates signed up to support us.
If you’re not able to meet the candidates you can phone them, tweet or email them or contact them via Facebook – so there’s an opportunity for us all to make the difference.
To see which candidates across Europe have already pledged their support you can go to the 3million webpage: