If you have been a resident in Italy for more than 5 years, you are entitled under EU law to request ‘residenza permanente’ from your local comune.  ‘Residenza permanente’ allows you a number of other benefits under EU law, but predominantly the opportunity to leave Italy for a period of up to 2 years with a right to return with the same EU rights as before.  These benefits will be lost after Brexit.

However, ‘residenza permanente’ is a right that is given but not imposed on EU nationals resident in another EU member state.  Until March 29th 2019 you will be eligible to request it from your comune if you have been registered for 5 years or more in Italy.  There a  number of requirements such as proving that you have been resident in Italy for the preceding 5 years, with evidence.  This evidence might include utility bills or rental contracts as examples.  Each comune will have their own requirements.   It would make sense to check with them before you make an appointment.

We advise that you make the request for ‘residenza permanente’ where you have been registered as a resident for over 5 years in Italy.   In the event of a No deal Brexit, evidence of ‘residenza permanente’ may become a qualifying criteria for the retention of some benefits.  At the time of writing there are no clear indications from the EU or the Italian ministry as to whether evidence of ‘residenza permanente’ will be needed.  However, British in Italy would suggest you make the request where possible.  It can only act as an additional insurance in the event of a no deal Brexit.

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