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The alternative white paper

The UK government presents its proposed new policies to Parliament in the form of white papers, which are debated and then go on to form a bill, which is in turn voted on in both the Houses of Commons and the Lords. If the Bill passes the vote it forms a new part of UK law.

When the UK government introduced the Brexit bill, British in Europe, the coalition of citizens’ groups of which British in Italy forms part, responded by publishing its own Alternative White Paper. The paper was co-authored by Jeremy Morgan QC of British in Italy, and Jane Goulding, a solicitor and EU lawyer, of British in Germany.

The Alternative White Paper, amongst other issues, summarises the most serious concerns that UK residents in other EU countries face, and outlines the approach that these groups wish to see the government taking to the post-Article 50 negotiations. Some references have been overtaken by events, but the aims of the British in Europe coalition, and the detailed justification for its demands, remain the same.

You can read the full version of the Alternative White Paper here in English, and a summary here in Italian.